15th September: Wesley Anne with Saffron Avenue- and; 30th Birthday gig

Think Soul, Indie & LOUD. Then, add English Folk Ballads. A seven piece  response to the ‘Nu Folk’, Pop Cult wave. Saffron Avenue does more than pay homage to the great songs from the 60’s folk revival. Ballads & Tunes are re-packaged in distinctly Melbourne style, with fluid harmonies, Melodies, Time signatures.

Derek Guille (former ABC presenter) said  “New Melbourne folk outfit Saffron Avenue does much more than pay homage to the great songs from the folk revival of the sixties and seventies. Great tunes and great lyrics are re-packaged in a distinctly Melbourne style, with harmonies and time signatures as fluid as the melodies themselves. Mandy Connell has been building a well deserved reputation for her original songs, which spring from her deep love of the folk tradition, both here and in the UK. She has put together a band of  energetic musicians who share her passion for good music and a good time”