2012-2013 transition.


From Nariel in 2011 to Port Fairy, to FRL, to gigs all over town…I juggled full time work with festivals, quit my office job, went back part time, launched this crazy Saffron Avenue thing, and made some CRAZY new friends.

I hurt a lot, I laughed a lot, I kept both straight jobs and the band together. The Bassist and Drummer got major Triple J airplay with Iain’s GF Tully on Tully.

Ma’s Best Friend passed away, the indomitable and inspiring artist Robyn Massey. I fell in with visual artists. the wackiest and hardest to understand of them all. and the best! I moved out of the muso share in Carlton, (The Faz) and into and out of the Warehouse at the Brunswick Hive.

I found a garage with a fig tree and plum and heaps of space.

I went to FRL- never thought I’d make it there. I met Josh Collings, Ryan Tews, Kate Crowley. I met Jacob and John, the Kismeic Kiwi’s. I saw a thousand good bands. I saw Maggie and Elsie really bloom as performers. and Lloyd Dodsworth win some awards.

Recorded some good tracks, for Saffron Avenue, and organised some for the Solo thing.

I lost the clarinet player but thats ok. We’re good now. And I got some tunes out of it…. I never crashed the Car though that brought me close.

I turned 30, and what a party it was, thankyou Lomond, Wesley Anne, Scrimshaw Four, Paper Street Soap Company, and Saffron Avenue.

the Mayan world ended.

2013 takes me back to begin again at Nariel Creek near Corryong. January and February bring a tattoo, and a Tour with Saffron Avenue to Adelaide.

And I think I might have to quit my job again. I want to go north. Far North. FNQ.

And to hang out with the awesome ladies from the indigenous support unit in Brisbane Uni. (UQ).

Wishes for 2013

Tattoo *Perform once a week* Record 7 film clips* recruit 2 new members for SA and a dance team* Buy an amp* have Liam teach me alternative recording software* perform at a non Folk Circuit Festival* No Commuting through the CBD* Go back to England* Win a grant*


220736_564958226854529_1909546337_oPhoto by Ryan Tews Photography