These Machines Cut Razor Wire

Well, not really.

Actually you need bolt cutters for that. Or heavy duty Welding irons. And stuff.

But some days when you are gathered with a bunch of humanists like I was on Sunday afternoon, you begin to think that talk and attitude can free people. And actually it can. Check out the history on Nelson Mandela. Or there’s a book called ‘A Radical Melbourne’ which is a little lighter reading and will make the same point.

I think soft protest and positive living (if you can’t say anything nice, find a suggestion) actually do change a lot of things. And I have humbly needed to consider lately that violent action actually has its place and perhaps is necessary to many things, but I still….. well, I like this concerts thing.

Unpaved Presents recently (Sunday 14th April 2013) put on another fundraiser for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, a concert with Jeff Lang, Ruth Lindsey, Alison Ferrier, Susannah Espie, Charle Jenkins, Jed Rowe….. And yours truly. what an honour, but more importantly, how inspiring.

I have many young friends involving themselves in the issues of the present time- Thomas Whiteside from Paper Street Soap Company is off protesting funding cuts to Uni’s,at the Menzies building, as I  write. Rory Knight is part of the sustainable living movement and a proponent of anarchist theory, Ryan Tews documents and participates in the Occupy movements. Andy Reid constantly works for the environment and the indigenous community and updates us on the gas hubs, fracking, and coal mining issues. Les Thomas talks to detained Asylum Seekers.

I don’t do much of that stuff- I have too little faith I guess…. except…. like everyone I’m a bit of a sheep and I like to follow the fashion and in all honesty the more my friends do to improve the world around us the more inspired I am to take little steps to help out. Or start something.  So the concerts thing works. Small shifts in attitude, barely noticeable. Its hard to be a racist thug if your friends aren’t that into it.

I don’t feel comfortable standing on stage and delivering a monologue haranguing our nations leaders- I’m not well enough researched, not well enough involved, not thought enough about it. But each day I talk to Les Thomas, or a fan of the late Alistair Hulett, or a member of a Union Choir, I’m a step closer to getting off my arse-

You can download Les’ “Song for Selva” recorded with Jeff Lang, for $5. Proceeds to the ASRC.

Maybe that proves the success of these smaller events?

Maybe guitars do kill fascists.

Hope So.


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