2015 Autumn- the Season winding up

I love this weather. This time of year in Melbourne makes me feel kind of bittersweet and excited too. My garden looks a bit sad but my tomatoes and herbs have pulled through and wll get some attention over the coming, cooler months.

I’ve had a rough couple of months this summer of ’14-’15, learning some hard lessons about protecting myself financially, emotionally and professionally.

I danced to the Go Set, the East Pointers, wept at Black Market Tune, Smled with Scott Cook. I discovered the music of Jason Isbell, I enjoyed the comforts of a lover who is still around, however loosely, and I worked my ARSE off, playing with the Stray Hens around what felt like the entirety of the Australian Festival circuit.

I had a bad run in 2013 & 2015 trying to record my original material. The first attempt saw a mean bout of Laryngitis for myself and Rowena & Sally (also Stray Hens), whch made the process of recording qute stressful, and most of the work a bit disappointing. There are some really great moments I’d like to rescue from it though, thanks to the fine work of Damian Sutton (engineer) and the support of Jasmine McDonald.
The second attempt is takign a little time, mostly because of the confidence knock I got in the last round.

I have developed some more skills in my guitar playing and some more surety in my performance. And Ive made or cemented some great freindships in the scene and outside of it.

I’m still playing Solo and Orgnals stuff, its just a bit harder to find.

But that’s changing soon, with a Live EP coming out (to help garner support and interest while I record an album).

I’m off to Sydney in April to play MoFo (April 17th) and St. Albans Folk Club (24-26).

I hope I can get my ceilng up before I have to leave….but keep your eyes peeled- there’s Mandy stuff happening, and there are some great gigs on the way.
Tonght I share a house concert with Mitchell A Power & Lachlan Stuckey. And a Dog. Next to the Union Hotel in Brunswick. Should be fun:)


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